The Community Mural

The 2011 community Mural was started in Toronto during the 2011 Ontario Tourism Week with Outdoor Galleries representing the Muskoka Region. It was an excellent event that drew hundreds of willing participants for the community mural.

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Canada G8 Summit

In June of 2010 Canada played host to the G8 Summit where world leaders got together to discuss the problems and solutions that are facing our world. The G8 Summit was held here in Muskoka at Huntsville's Deerhurst Resort.

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How It Started

Tom Thomson and The Group of Seven were spurred on by the ideals of Algonquin Park and the Canadian Northland. This group of friends ventured into the wilderness as voyageurs discovering their expression for their Canadian ideals in art.

Group of Seven

The Group of Sevens’ artwork was inspired by their friend Tom Thomson; and Tom Thomson was inspired by the beauty he saw in Algonquin Park. These artists created a Canadian Art Movement that lies at the heart of our Canadian culture and heritage. Come discover the beauty of their works and discover Huntsville/ Lake of Bays at the same time. Our region was painted extensively by The group of Seven, as they sought out to discover a new method of painting. Gerry Lantaigne


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